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Fundamental Safety Engineering Definitions Sent August 10, 2007 (What experts must know to testify convincingly)

Do we Really Need F1679? Sent June 6, 2007 (Discussion of the role of ASTM standards in court testimony, particularly F1679)

Safer Curbs and Ramps Sent July 31, 2003 (Avoiding trips by design)

A Case Study January 25, 2003 (Discussion of a slip/fall case on wet vinyl flooring)

What Is a Safe Walking Surface? August 13, 2002

More on Terminology (Discussion of terms: Sticktion/Adhesion, Slip Index) May 17,2002

Getting Yourself Qualified as an Expert (About the Daubert Rule) December 8, 2001

Validation of the XL Variable Incidence Tribometer (Answering a reader's question) August 10, 2001

Is ASTM F 462 (on Bathing Surfaces) a Valid Standard? May 12, 2001