Slip Resistance Research and Development
Slipmeter Laboratory Testing and Field Slipperiness Surveys
Last updated January 30, 2010

William English, Inc. has been a leader in development of tribometry methods for evaluation of traction properties of various flooring materials and shoe products under a wide range of real-world conditions. I do laboratory testing here in my shop or field surveys at your location. My testers have high validity on dry or wet surfaces.

Floor and Shoe Testing
The English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer measures the slipperiness of any walking surface and is recognized by ASTM/ANSI F1679, ANSI A1264.2, and other specialized test standards for its use by ASTM, NFPA and ANSI committees as well as OSHA and ADA compliance. It is also the slipmeter of choice among US insurance companies, and it is widely accepted in the courts.

The English XL is engineered like no other slipmeter. Besides its unsurpassed validity, it is the lightest-weight and most easily portable slip resistance tester available. Since dry surfaces are not normally slippery, the XL was designed primarily for valid measurement on wet surfaces, incorporating dynamics that mimic certain parameters of a pedestrian's gait.

William English, Inc. performs laboratory testing of floor samples in the laboratory as well as conducting field surveys and consulting with clients concerning remediation measures for slipperiness under foot. For details on lab testing or field survey services, click here.

Charges for Lab Testing Services
My minimum charge for testing walking surfaces or shoe materials is $2,500.00.
Call 239-728-3254 to discuss your needs.

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