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I publish an occasional newsletter for those having an interest in pedestrian safety that is sent automatically to any who subscribe. It is to keep readers informed as to what is happening in the realm of slip resistance technology and testing standards. To subscribe just send me your e-mail address. If you find the newsletter helpful, I hope you will tell others about it and encourage them to subscribe.

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The newsletter is sent free to all subscribers when published. It is not connected with any commercial e-mail distribution service, and joining my subscription list will not put you on any spam list. I do not sell or trade mailing lists. It is easy to unsubscribe if you decide it is no longer of interest to you. The list is secure, residing as a word processor file on my hard disk.

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This newsletter is solely for those having a professional interest in pedestrian safety. I control who is on the list myself so that no spammers can use it.

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