The Ultimate Slip Resistance Tester
The English XL Sets the Standard for Precision Tribometry!
Updated December 26, 2009 by William English

Falls Are a Big Deal
The number one preventable loss type in the workplace and public places is falling accidents, and the English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer (VIT) is the slipmeter designed by a safety engineer and is the ultimate safety engineering tool to help you select safer walking surfaces. You can also use it to monitor the quality of cleaning on hard floors.

Although I have been pleased to be manufacturer of this leading-edge device since invention in 1992, the manufacturing and service rights have been sold to eXceL Tribometers, LLC

English XL slipmeter (also known as the VIT), the ultimate floor safety engineering tool The XL was engineered specifically for wet testing. It mimics certain biomechanical parameters of the human gait, unlike traditional slipmeters that tend to give misleading results in the presence of real-world environmental contaminants, due to disabling sticktion, a phenomenon arising from dragsled meters and others having residence time before the slip dynamics are applied.

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The English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer is lighter than your laptop (3.85 pounds) and has a nicer carrying case, complete with shoulder strap. The XL slipmeter is the easiest-to-use of all tribometers. I.

  • Reliable
    The XL is engineered so as to be capable of measuring the slipperiness of any floor surface, even when wet or contaminated with other lubricating spills. .

    For less than the cost of one falling accident you can have the ultimate slip/fall safety engineering tool. Acquisition cost may qualify for tax credits under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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